If you’re interested in bolstering your career in architecture, furniture design, carpentry, or production planning, Kalatmak is the place to be. We’re on the lookout for ambitious, talented people to join us in our mission to build customized furniture that is true to design. Send us your résumé at

Job Openings


Job Requirements

  • Should have 6-8 years of experience working in firms that do furniture manufacturing/architecture/interior design/furniture design/product design

  • Should have knowledge of making concept drawings for various types of interiors/construction/furniture manufacturing

  • Should have excellent knowledge of different types of materials used in construction/interiors/furniture manufacturing

  • Should be knowledgeable about different joineries, types of hardware, etc

  • Should be well-versed with software like AutoCAD, Google SketchUp, Photoshop, CorelDRAW (optional), and SolidWorks (optional)

  • Should be able to single-handedly and confidently conduct meetings with clients

  • Should be able to lead a team of any size and provide necessary training